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[noun] / pronunciation / edʒ.u.kə.tɪv /

  • Providing education.


[noun] / pronunciation / edʒ.u.keɪ.tə /

  • A person who teaches people.


[noun] / pronunciation / edʒ.uˈkɑː.dəʊ /

  • An application for the future of knowledge.
  • A platform for change.


[verb] / pronunciation / edjʊˈteɪnmənt /

  • The process of entertaining people at the same time as you are teaching them something, and the products, such as television programmes or software, that do this.


[noun] / pronunciation / iːk /

  • An expression of worry or slight fear.
Why do we still use textbooks in the digital age? It is time for change. Our goal at Edukado is to breath textbooks new life by utilizing the possibilities created by current and emerging technologies. We understand that students are hungry for mobile knowledge, and that publishers need an easy way to tap into this share of the market. This is why we dedicated our time to formulating an intuitive authoring platform that delivers materials in a user-friendly mobile application. By joining publishers and students together we can build a classroom for all.
Interactive digital content
Engaging learning experience
Easy and quick development
Code-free design
Analytics of user data

For students

  1. Download the free Edukado App
  2. Access content using unique code found in textbook
  3. Engage with textbooks in a revolutionised way
Interactive graphs
Audio clips

For publishers

  1. Upload a textbook to the Edukado Platform
  2. Add or Create digital content page-by-page
  3. Publish content package with one click in the Edukado App
  4. Access unparalleled data directly from the textbook users